The Nisi Farm was established in 1997 by my father Cosimo and his passion for our homeland and its stately olive trees. In 2012, after graduating in Technologies, Transformation and Quality of Agri-Food Products with a focus in Gastronomic Sciences from University of Bari, Faculty of Agriculture, I succeeded my father as the farm’s manager.

From the beginning, our aim has been the production of high-quality olive oil, which is traceable and easily traced by consumers, with whom we wish to be in direct contact, avoiding all the intermediate stages of the production chain and ensuring the utmost transparency.

In fact, we believe that consumers have the right to know both the nature and the origin of our olive oil, whose excellent quality is certified by laboratory analyses.

We usually establish a relationship of mutual trust, and of friendship if possible, with every customer; if you come to visit us, we will show you with great pleasure our farm and our wonderful region with its expanse of olive trees, fading away before your eyes, and its endless rocky and sandy coast.