Why Armonicum?

We have chosen this name for our olive oil, a name reminiscent of Latin, to recall the millenary history of this product, but above all because our extra virgin olive oils are harmonically fruity, since they are obtained from specific blends devised so that all the positive taste qualities (fruity, sweet, sour and spicy) are present, although in different gradations.

The Azienda Agricola Nisi produces two types of extra virgin olive oil:

The ”Intense Fruity Armonicum” has got 0.4% of free acidity, a pleasurable taste and scent of fruitiness and pleasant sour and spicy gustatory notes.

It is obtained from slightly less ripe olives and from the cultivars: "Cima di Melfi", "Frantoio" and to a smaller degree "Coratina".

The ”Light Fruity Armonicum” has got 0,6% of free acidity and a more mature and less fruity taste, in which sweet prevails over bitter and spicy; as it is obtained from more mature olives and less fruity cultivars.

It is obtained from the following cultivars: "Ogliarola Salentina", "Cellina di Nardò" e "Maiatica di Ferrandina".

Our oils are therefore unique and difficult to reproduce by other producers.

Both olive oils have got a limpid aspect, firstly, it is gently filtered by means of cardboard filters, in order to preserve the oil’s positive substances, and secondly it naturally decants in silos for about one month.

Its colour is gold with green reflections, especially the Intense’s, in which the fruity scent and flavour are more perceivable, bringing to mind the smell of pressed olives when they are barely ripe.

After a careful tasting of both the “Intense”, the following aftertastes can be noticed, depending on the harvest: almond, artichoke, grass, leaf, apple, banana, tomato, etc. Each of them denotes the high quality of the product.

Our olive oil is characterized by a scarce presence of peroxides and alkyl esters (negative substances for olive oil quality) and by an high quantity of polyphenols and tocopherols (sostanze antiossidanti) (both antioxidant substances), very useful for the oil preservation and for the consumer’s health. It is full of volatile substances (smell) which spread out principally when poured raw on hot food.

Don’t forget that the huge presence of antioxidant substances gives to olive oil the bitter and spicy notes. For this reason, these gustatory properties should be considered as positive factors, not only for their health benefits, but also from the organoleptic point of view, because they add to food some aromatic notes that “plain” oils, exclusively sweet, could never add.

We recommend using the "Intense" mainly for "bruschette", salads, legume soups, red sauces, grilled or baked meats, cooked vegetables and fish in small quantities.

We recommend using the "Light" for cooking and seasoning, for fish and frying.

Our products are perfect for those who are looking for health benefits in olive oil,
but don’t want to renounce the pleasure of good food.